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Re: The Ascent Project - Highpoly Descent Models

Postby TheAscentProject » Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:03 am

Long time since I've been here myself, I'll reply as best I can.
Zachary1234 wrote:-First of all, how is the Ascent project going? If it is not finished, are there concrete plans to finish it into the future? I do observe it introduces entirely new object models for a few of the enemy robots of D2. Does Ascent include a full set of textures required to pain the entire game?

Ascent is currently on hold, everything I've done is what you see here, with the exception of a sketch for the Diamond Claw. Every now and then I work on this but my free time is fully devoted to Sol Contingency where I am the 3D lead and I'm in charge of reviving D1's robots for use in an Unreal Engine 3 remake of Descent. You should check us out. Maybe you'll like my/our Small Hulk

Zachary1234 wrote:Has Ascent finished replacing all game robots, and can it be inserted into the game for use from the game code/framework available for D2X-XL download?

As stated above, no. "Replacing" all the 25+ of D2's robots at a rate of ~3-6 months each makes this a lifetime project, if I were still working on it. Furthermore, these models were never meant to be used in *any* engine - especially D2X, as they are hipoly models. Nevertheless, if you are looking into a brand new Descent experience, check out Sol Contingency.

Zachary1234 wrote:Is Ascent compatible with the MetalBeast's Module completed for weapons, missiles and items called MetalBeast's Modules?

Ascent isn't compatible with anything. It's a standalone passion project not meant to be used in any engine.

Zachary1234 wrote:Can MetalBeast's Modules be inserted into a D2X-XL, which also has ascent, with the grand total of having both enhancements for descent?

I don't know. But it really sounds like you'll enjoy Sol-C.

Zachary1234 wrote:-Is it yet possible to have D2X-XL running with freely available public resource files, of course apart from any of the original proprietary resource files?

You can run the demos of the Descent games. To run the full games you have to purchase them then install D2X. I recommend


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