Creating/borrowing a hires texture, and making XL use it

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Re: Creating/borrowing a hires texture, and making XL use it

Postby karx11erx » Thu May 10, 2012 11:56 pm

You haven't understood this. The few water textures are from different authors and not all water textures have hires textures. That's why they look different.

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Re: Creating/borrowing a hires texture, and making XL use it

Postby Weyrman » Fri May 11, 2012 12:31 am

To the best of my understanding it works this way.

There are the set number of standard texture files.
There are the "official" hi-def replacement files
There are "mod" texture files.

levels always refer to the base texture file.
D2X-XL looks for hi-res files of the same name and displays them instead.
D2X-XL also looks for a mod folder and checks it for a file of the same name and displays it if found. This allows for custom textures in a level without the "standard" hi-res textures being overwritten


if you want to create your own specific texture file to use in place of another permanently, just call the new one by the same name as the old one and over write it.

If you want it for just a level then ask about mod folders

also, if you create a new hi-res water texture, feel free to share it :D
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Re: Creating/borrowing a hires texture, and making XL use it

Postby Alter-Fox » Fri May 11, 2012 4:05 am

D2X-XL probably looks in the mod folder first, then the standard hires texture folders, then finally in the actual PIG file. So you have the order wrong Weyrman because I'm nitpicky.
@Kak try asking Sapphirewolf. He's made some modifications to the hires water textures for level 1 of Black Prophecy and I think those changes are along the same lines as what you're looking for. The version of Black Prophecy with the modified texture isn't released yet, which is why you have to actually ask him for the textures.
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