Obscure question about OGG support

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Obscure question about OGG support

Postby Alter-Fox » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:20 am

Would it be at all possible for D2X-XL to play an ogg file if the extension was changed to something other than .ogg (like, for example, .xlm -- which would stand for D2X-XL music file) but the file was left otherwise the same? So it's not actually converted to another file type, but it's meant to look like it is.
The reason I ask has to do with my D2X-XL demo mission (which is still coming along very slowly, I have layouts planned for all but one of the levels, eight out of eleven maps completed and almost everything that isn't level design finished). But anyways, the soundtrack is based on an album I'm planning to release for-profit at about the same time as the levelset -- "based on" meaning that it consists mostly of a selection of instrumental versions of vocal tracks from the album -- and changing the file extension would be a simple trick I could do to dissuade people from just ripping those tracks out of the game instead of giving me MONIES!!!; and it also prevents the files from being opened in certain media players (though I know there are some media players that are smarter...)

The only potential problem I see is that D2X-XL won't recognize the playlist text file telling it which songs to play when, because the lines in the text file would end with something other than ".ogg". And of course, the fact that I've just told everyone what I'm planning to do.
Apart from that first minor issue, could this work?

The reason I'm asking at all is that right now I'm incapable of testing it myself for various reasons.
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Re: Obscure question about OGG support

Postby Pumo » Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:46 am

I've tested, and XL skips every playlist entry that doesn't have the .ogg extension at the end.
So you may need to find some workaround for this. :clue:
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