Tutorial: Running DLE on Mac OS X

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Tutorial: Running DLE on Mac OS X

Postby BenJuan26 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:14 pm

I thought I would share that DLE can easily be run successfully on Mac OS X, which relieves me, because booting into Windows is annoying and we already have D2X-XL for Mac. All I had to do was use Wineskin Winery to make a wrapper, put the DLE files in the right place, tweak some settings so that it doesn't crash, and it works great. Here is how to do it:

  • Download Wineskin.
  • Run Wineskin. If there is nothing under "Installed Engines", click the plus icon and install the latest engine.
  • Click Create New Blank Wrapper. Give it a name and click Ok.
  • When the wrapper is created, click View wrapper in Finder. Right click your new wrapper and select Show Package Contents. drive_c is what your program will think is the C-drive of a Windows machine. Open that folder and put the DLE install files wherever you like. Navigate back up to the main folder of your wrapper and run the Wineskin found there. Click Advanced, and beside Windows EXE, click Browse and find the DLE executable that you just copied into drive_c.
  • Click Set Screen Options, and check Use Mac Driver instead of X11. Without checking this, it was constantly crashing for me on startup.
  • Done! DLE should run seamlessly now. In my case it runs better like this than it does in Windows 7.

Happy editing!

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