A word about cubes.

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A word about cubes.

Postby -JoFFa- » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:33 am

Hello there anyone.

I was wondering for some time now about Dle-xp point light handling and i do have some questions. I just want to open a discussion to wonder not to offer to make something although - it would be great -but anyway whats not placed on SF.net - is not a request, right?

so here goes.

first of all - i do not quite remember - but does anyone tried devil sometime?

If yes - i though that there were second texture wich could be moved over the first texture...

and DLE-XP - it seems to be locked.

i mean you can change alignment but cannot change the placement of the second texture by moving it, say, several pixels to the left or right from the anchor point - i mean from the place were its aligned by default.

Its interesting how DLE-XP handle light of the geometry. Although cubes - is cubes - their sides - seem to be having independent - not welded vertexes. that allow to chane light value for one vertex - three times for three sides and for each side it will be different. I always wondered - if its understand the light value - can it be altered to understand a color value as well?

After all Descent 1 lighting - the vertex one - is really have some cool things with it - for instance one can simulate fake shadows with it.

speaking of shadows.

You noticed that blinking light - just blink. i mean either its black or white(or colored) but it changes reallly fast without any slight dimmering. I'd say that feature alteration with slow light dimmering - would be cool.

here I'm right now - just look at me..Thats it. I'm off to write a request on SF.net.

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Postby Sirius » Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:34 am

The Descent engine doesn't support separate UV values for secondary textures.
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Postby Theftbot » Sun Jun 22, 2008 4:47 am

D1,D2 can only do 4 angles compared to 1st texture 0(360),90,180,270 no ofsetting either.

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