Interplay forums are decomposing

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Interplay forums are decomposing

Postby Alter-Fox » Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:57 am

Into spam.

Seriously, go have a look there to see how bad it is. It's like a dead animal -- all the decomposers and scavengers come and there's no immune system or even just fight-or-flight to send them away. Only here they're looking for money instead of food (but isn't money the food in the corporate wild?). I've PM'd the only moderator I know of days ago, and he still hasn't even read my message (it's still in my outbox and I can edit it). And he doesn't have his email on there.

Not that decomposing animals are a bad thing, but this forum frustrates me because it's electronic so I can't eat it - Fox

EDIT: It's finally been fixed now, I guess Chris actually got my PM.
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