Top 11 favorite Nostalgic shows

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Top 11 favorite Nostalgic shows

Postby Sapphire Wolf » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:50 pm

It can be a cartoon, an anime, or a live action show, or a sitcom for any age rating. Make sure you list those shows that are nostalgic circa early 2000s, 90s, 80s, and earlier. And you can add ones that aren't in your youth but saw as a teen or adult for cartoons and anime if you want to. You can (as a bonus) include unlisted ones (maximum of 5 bonus faves, optional)

here's mine:
11. Sonic SATAM
10. Duck Tales
9. Batman (adam west, 90s cartoon, and Beyond)
8. Home Improvement
7. G-force
6. Scooby Doo
5. Gargoyles
4. Dark Wing Duck
3. Transformers (G1/The Transformers, and Beast Wars)
2. Robotech
1. The Simpsons

unlisted favorites:
1. Looney Toons
2. Speed Racer
3. Swat Kats
4. Power Rangers
5. Reboot
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