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Best budget video card? (and another small question)

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:29 pm
by Pumo
(Note: this is a copy from a post I put also on the DBB)

OK, so finally, probably next week, I will get the chance to get a new rig for both some working and entertainment.
I'm a bit short in budget size, and I'm investing mainly on processor and other accesories and peripherals for my job, but still I would like to have at least the bare minimum on the Graphic and 3D department, so I would like some suggestions from the experts and gurus here.

Please, if possible, tell me which one is the best $50~ budget 3D card (either nVidia or Radeon) on one side,
and also, independenly on the $50~ one, tell me the best $70~ 3D Card, so I can compare (according to this forum experts opinion) between both a $50~ and a $70~ card.


Oh, and also, just to be totally prepared before buying, I would like some clarification regarding a small issue:
Can I connect a DELL CRT 17" 1024x768 75hz Monitor from 2005 to either the integrated video card (Intel HD Graphics 2000) or a new nVidia/Radeon with no problems, or I would get no video signal on such an old monitor?
(I'm buying a new flat LED monitor anyway, but I want to take everything I can into account)

Re: Best budget video card? (and another small question)

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:59 pm
by vitosky
Hello Pumo you can consider to buy a Nvidia 8800 GT for your new PC.
I have buyed one used and I'm pleased with it.