My websites got updated! :D

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My websites got updated! :D

Postby Pumo » Fri May 03, 2013 5:29 pm

Exactly that, both of my websites (the Pumo Software and R.a.M. Land ones) were recently updated with lots of interesting stuff! :)

Pumo Software ( website got simplified and more straightforward, now only in English language and for all Pumo Mines followers, it now includes a small 'news' box for each individual project section (i.e. for Kartsal Mot., Mineral Valley, Muchikuche, etc.), so you can check how the progress is goin' on each project. ;)

I also added an all new 'Descent Misc. Downloads' section with LOTS of stuff (mainly tools and utilities) for all 3 Descent titles, including some rare programs from the old days (like D3Tool 0.17 that supports D2 POL model importing into D3 8) ), and also the original source codes of D1 and D2, so be sure to check that out.

And BTW, I also closed both the Forums and the Blog of Pumo Software as they were mostly inactive nowadays, TBH. :P

And on the other hand, the new R.a.M. Land website (that has a new url: has been totally updated with a better layout and now it includes both a Free Music section (including Pumo Mines music, yay! :D ) and a Music Store if you want to 'contribute' to R.a.M. Land (aka Me :mrgreen:) with a few bucks by purchasing a couple of songs, albums, etc. :rock:

Hope you like the new stuff!
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