Vertigo Fox on Bandcamp, EP release date

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Vertigo Fox on Bandcamp, EP release date

Postby Alter-Fox » Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:53 pm

Welp, first of all I'm now on bandcamp. As the title says. My site is just where you'd think it'd be, at I've got a few songs on there that are about a dollar each to download, but that isn't the big point of this post.

The big point of this post is my Creatures of the Nether EP, which is technically closer in length to an album. Seven and a half heavy-metal influenced electronica songs, in a vague sort of tribute to DooM's story (or lack thereof), set to be released on bandcamp this friday, October 4th. It's much better than Never Look Down.

There are two released preview tracks from Creatures of the Nether, that you can listen to (but not download):
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