Instructions on testing

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Instructions on testing

Postby pokeman7452 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:19 pm

Now that we have decided the method of testing, I can outline exactly how this forum will work. These instructions are for members of the testing team and Diedel. If you are not a member and would like to help, please see this thread

Starting a revision test: Once Diedel is comfortable with a version (but before uploading it to, he will create a thread here with the title "Revision ####: Testing in progress". He will also compile the (debug or release, I do not know yet) executables and include the link in the post. At this point, the team will begin testing.

Testing: This is where we need to be quick and efficient. Feel free to hop on Steam at this time for better collaboration. When you see the thread, read the replies from other members and pick any 2-4 tests from the checklist (order is not important). Post a reply in the thread with the test numbers (order is not important) that you are doing so no one else does them at the same time. As you complete the tests, edit your post to say that. If you wish to test many things, post a few at a time and complete them before you move on. Release testing should be finished in less then 12 hours.

Last test: If you complete the last test, you have another job. If your post is the last post in the thread, edit it to say "Testing passed" at the bottom; if not, create a new post. Send karx11erx and Weyrman each a PM with the subject "revision #### passed". Once Diedel reads his, he will compile and upload the release on Once Weyrman reads his, he will rename the thread to "Revision ####: Passed" (but not close it).

Looking for bugs: If you find a bug while testing (assuming it is not nit-picky), create a report on sourceforge. Look for crashes or bugs that are serious enough to ruin your game (including moderate-serious graphical issues). Bugs relating to recently changed aspects of the game should be taken more seriously. If you find one, report it, then edit your post to include the bug, a link to the report, and what test(s) you noticed it in. Other members should then run those test(s) and post weather they also see the bug. If only one person encounters the bug, testing continues.

Failed tests: If another member also encounters the bug or there are an abnormal number of minor bugs, the last post in the thread is edited or another is posted to include "Testing failed". That person will send karx11erx and Weyrman a PM with the subject "revision #### failed" and contain a link to the bug report. The team should collaborate on sourceforge or Steam to narrow down the bug as needed. When the bug is fixed, testing will restart with a new thread.

Monthly tests: On the last Friday of the month, a member will create a thread with the title "Monthly test: <name of current month>" The team will then use the same method of testing everything in the monthly list. These tests are independent of and should not include the revision tests. These do not need to be rushed, but they should be finished within 1-3 days. Bugs encountered are to be reported normally, testing will not stop or fail.

Current checklist (discussion)
[1]-Finish a level in D2:CS including a secret level.
[2]-Test automap.
[3]-Test multiplayer for at least 5 mins of combat.
[4]-Browse every menu and change every value. (Just change them, this is looking for menu bugs)
[5]-Save/load a game.

[M01]-Finish a level in PureD2
[M02]-Test stereoscopic 3D rendering with all lighting modes and with all effects on.
[M03]-Destroy every boss in D1, D2, and D2-vertigo (level select, honestbob and almighty are ok).
[M04]-Shoot and test every trigger in the extensive trigger testing level (to be created).
[M05]-Test every cheat code, and it's effects.
[M06]-Play and finish a game in every multiplayer mode (2 levels in coop).
[M07]-Test 12-16 player anarchy.
[M08]-Test demo recording and playback.
[M09]-Save and load in co-op and anarchy.
[M10]-Save and load in a secret level.

That's my plan, suggestions and comments are welcome.[/list]
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