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Postby Zhane » Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:21 am

Rekrul wrote: I tried using a joystick, but it was hopeless! I grew up playing games with Atari-style digital sticks where you simply had to tilt your hand to move. By contrast, analog sticks seem cumbersome and sloppy to me. No matter what I do, it never feels like it's calibrated right (I adjust the trim controls and use the Windows calibration option, but they never seem to be truly centered). None of mine have enough buttons to really control the ship, so I still need to use the keyboard, which means that I have to place the stick on the desk, or in my lap and without a second hand to steady it, I end up swerving all over the place.

Yeah, sometimes using a joystick can be very annoying when you have to use the keyboard too. :roll:

Thats why after seeing it while shoping I bought a Universal USB Converter which lets me use PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube Controllers to play Descent 2. :D
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Postby Rekrul » Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:00 pm

Zhane wrote:Yeah, sometimes using a joystick can be very annoying when you have to use the keyboard too. :roll:

Thats why after seeing it while shoping I bought a Universal USB Converter which lets me use PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube Controllers to play Descent 2. :D

Unfortunately, I've never been very good with gamepad style controllers. They all seem designed for left-handed people.

Postby skulldrigo » Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:43 am

My configurations are left hand keyboard, right hand optic mouse.

have fun
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Postby Tankie2 » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:49 am

:D Here is my control setup for a left handed player using a mouse:

Keyboard Setting using only the edit keys and numerical pad (right side of the board).

Pitch Forward: Pad/
Pitch Backward: Pad8
Turn Left: Pad7
Turn Right: Pad9
Slide Left: Left Arrow
Slide Right: Right Arrow
Slide Up: Up Arrow
Slide Down: Down Arrow
Bank Left: Pad4
Bank Right: Pad6
Cycle Primary: pgup
Cycle Secondary: pgdn
Use Cloak: Pad5
Use Invul: Pad2
Drop Bomb: Pad0
Rear View: End
Auto Map: Home
Accelerate: Pad+
Reverse: Pad Enter
Afterburner: Pad-
Headlight: Pad*
Energy->Shield: Pad.
Toggle Bomb: Insert
Toggle Icons: Delete
Slowmo/Speed: Pad1 Pad3

Using my thumb on the arrow keys and my fingers on the number pad I hardly ever have to move my hand position and if I do I easily relocate by finding the arrow keys with my thumb. I also find that with this setting I never shoot myself in the foot when using the alpha keys trying to send a message or give a game command or enter a cheatcode (such as "frametime". LOL

Mouse Setting

Sync axis is enabled
Mouselook is disabled
Fire Primary: Left Button
Fire Secondary: Right Button
Fire Flare: Middle Button
Cycle Primary: Mouse Wheel Up
Cycle Secondary: Mouse Wheel Down

Incidentally, I've never used the slowmo or speed controls yet. :?
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Postby Pumo » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:30 am

Oh well, here is mine (at least the main keys and buttons).

Left hand Keyboard, right hand Mouse (optical)...


Accelerate: Enter
Reverse: Right Shift
Bank Left: Insert
Bank Right: Home
Flare: Delete
Afterburner: End
Slide Left/Right/Up/Down: Left/Right/Up/Down arrow keys.
Drop Bomb: Page Down


Fire Primary: Left Button
Fire Secondary: Right Button
Flare: Center Button
Accelerate/Reverse (alternative, i use it on Automap): Wheel

And about the other keys, i don't remember all of them right now :P
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Postby KellyTheET » Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:25 am

I use a Logitech Dual Action, which is very similar to a Playstation Dual Shock, with Pitch and Yaw on the left stick, slide controls on the right (up, down, left, right) and forward and reverse on the R1, L1 buttons. Primary and secondary weapons are on the R2, L2 buttons, and the other buttons are mapped to functions that I need to access quickly, such as flares, bombs, changing weapons, etc.

All in all the controls work very well, I can sweep around a corner, strafe and all facing in any direction, I rarely have to take my hands off the controller to use the keyboard for anything...
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Postby Zhane » Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:43 am

with Pitch and Yaw on the left stick,

Yaw? :shock: What does that mean? :?
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Postby Aus-RED-5 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:29 am

Yaw as in turning the nose left and right.
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Postby KellyTheET » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:11 am

And Pitch being nose up/down
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Postby Suede » Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:45 am

I'm an antique, a dinosaur.

I use a complete Thrustmaster setup from the old days: PFCS (with the heavy springs), WCS Mark II, and RCS. It all comes together and makes me feel like I'm really flying that Pyro.

In the beginning, like everyone else who used a (P)FCS, I had the right/left, up/down motions assigned to the four way hat switch, but after breaking several hats and spraining my thumb in the heat of a food fight with the 'bots, I worked up a different program for the WCS. Which I include here for...well, maybe the historical value? And maybe someone else wants to scour eBay for the hardware, find a soundcard with a joystick port (I use a SoundBlaster Live!), and try my method?

Anyway, here's my WCS Mark II ADV file, a genuine relic from the distant past:


REM WCS II file (v8.0 "Thumbsaver") for
REM by Suede

REM NOTE: Make sure Descent is configured for
REM Black Switch = Digital JOYSTICK, and the THROTTLE entry is set up
REM Red Switch = Analog for Y2 AXIS. See README.TXT for details.
REM Memory used = ~98 of 128 bytes
REM Joystick sensitivity controls maximum speed.

GAME 0 20 REM Analog throttle, 20 Ms delay

REM Throttle Buttons:

BTN 1 KP1 REM Slide left

BTN 2 KP3 REM Slide right

BTN 3 s REM Afterburner

BTN 4 /U /T + /T - REM Map view increase/decrease
/M KP7 REM Roll left
/D ALT F2 REM Save Game

BTN 5 /U F4 REM Drop automap marker
/M KP9 REM Roll right
/D /N F5 REM Record/end demo

BTN 6 /U /N TAB REM Toggle map on/off
/M /P /N r REM reverse view
/R /N r
/D b REM Drop bomb

REM (P)FCS Buttons:

BTN UB /U t REM Energy --> shields
/M SPC REM Fire selected missile
/D SHF F2 REM Cycle views (display #2)

BTN MB KP- REM Slide up

BTN LB KP+ REM Slide down


BTN HL /U f REM flare
/M 5 REM fusion/omega cannon
/D 8 REM proxie/smart mine

BTN HR /U /P /N h REM Headlight (momentary)
/R /N h
/M 4 REM plasma/phoenix cannon
/D 9 REM mercury/smart missile

BTN HU /U 3 REM spreadfire/helix cannon
/M 1 REM lasers
/D 6 REM flash/concussion missile

BTN HD /U 0 REM mega/earthshaker missile
/M 2 REM vulcan/gauss cannon
/D 7 REM homing/guided missile

REM Throttle Rocker:




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You guys might not have tried this,

Postby StevieC » Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:32 pm

Right Hand: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro USB Joystick
X Axis: Roll
Y Axis: Pitch
Z Axis: Yaw
Joystick throttle: UNUSED (it's badly positioned because it's too easy to accidently move it when you don't want to)
Trigger (Button 1): Primary Weapon
Thumb Button (Button 2): Secondary Weapon
Lower Left Top Button (Button 3): Drop Bomb
Lower Right Top Button (Button 4): Toggle Bomb
Upper Left Top Button (Button 5): Cycle Primary
Upper Right Top Button (Button 6): Cycle Secondary
Button 7: Fire Flare
Button 8: Toggle Headlamp
Button 9: Map View
Button 10: Rear View
Button 11: Use Cloaking Device
Button 12: Use Invulnerability
Left Hand: MacMice "The Ball" BlueTooth trackball
X Axis: Lateral slide
Y Axis: Vertical slide
Scroll Wheel: Throttle (it's a smooth scroll wheel with no ratchet)
Button 1 (Right Click): Move Forward
Button 2 (Left Click): Move Backward
Button 3 (Middle Click): Afterburner

Left Bracket ([): Speed Up/Slow Down
Right Bracket (]): Energy->Shield Converter

Right click is main click on my trackball because I use it with my LEFT hand.
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Postby d3phoenix » Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:03 pm

I use what I refer to as an "optimized" Mouse + Keyboard layout. I've never been good with a joystick, so yes, I'm one of those "lame mousers" as I have been referred to before :P Ah well, poor sports in D3 matches aside, here's my layout. The keyboard is set up to take advantage of the modifier keys (caps, shift, alt, ctrl, etc) as they can be held simultaneously with up to 2 letter keys on most PS/2 Keyboards. Now that I have a nice USB Logitech, I could probably come up with a better layout (this thing seems to take 4+ letters simultaneously without complaint), but i'm so used to this layout it'd be difficult to switch.


Middle Finger:
W - Forward Thrust
S - Reverse Thrust

Ring Finger:
Q - Bank Left
A - Strafe Left

Index Finger:
E - Bank Right
D - Strafe Right

Space - Strafe Down
LAlt - Burn

Little Finger:
LShift - Strafe Up
Caps - Burn

I have two burn keys so that I can still get to the control no matter whether I'm sliding up or down.

Mouse X axis = Yaw -- Moving mouse left turns left
Mouse Y axis = Pitch -- Moving mouse forward noses down ('Inverted' or 'Flightsim' axis orientation)
Mouse Left Button = Primary Fire
Mouse Right Button = Secondary Fire
Mouse Middle Button = Flare
Mouse Wheel Up = Cycle Primary
Mouse Wheel Down = Cycle Secondary

Misc Controls:
~ - Automap (I moved it because i so frequently bump TAB when hitting caps for burn)
1 thru 0 - Weapon selectors
C - Use Cloak
V - Use Invulnerability
B - Use Proxmine / Smartbomb
N - Toggle Bomb
T - E-S Transfer
H - Headlight
Z - Zoom
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Postby Yokelassence » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:46 am

Hey d3phoenix, your key setup is nearly identical to mine!

The only differences are my strafe up/down keys are set to X and Space (corresponds with my 'duck' and 'jump' keys in First Person Shooters)

My afterburner is also set to Tab while my map is M

The rest of my key setup is in your post.

As for my mouse, its not inverted and my middle button is set to drop bombs. (lets me unload all 3 kinds of ordinance in combat while still keeping my other hand on my maneuvering keys)

Postby d3phoenix » Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:55 am

Cool :D

I switch my middle mouse button to Burn when I go multiplayer. I really don't use burn in single player, and i use flares to open doors a ton. MP is just the opposite.
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Postby longwinded » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:27 pm

I use the mouse, and like many others I have W, A, S and D as dedicated sliding keys. I don't understand why people keep Q and E for banking, though: when I tried that, key conflicts inhibited banking while triple chording (sometimes also dual chording), even if using modifier keys such as Ctrl or Shift for accelerate/reverse. Also, one has to simultaneously press two keys with the same finger. Banking shouldn't be restrained by chording, not by key conflicts nor key clutter.

So my configuration has a dedicated finger for banking (little finger), and is set up so that there are no key conflicts to hinder simultaneous triple chording and banking in all directions:

Slide Left: A (ring finger)
Slide Right: D (index finger)
Slide Up: W (middle finger)
Slide Down: S (middle finger)

Bank Left: Left Shift (little finger)
Bank Right: Left Ctrl (little finger)

Drop Bomb: C (index finger)

Accelerate: V (thumb)
Reverse: B (thumb)
Afterburner: Space Bar (back-up), Middle Mouse Button

Everything else is default. (If you're on Windows XP, you'll want to deactivate "slow keys" behavior of Shift.)

I think WASD or the keypad is very good for sliding because it's a visual layout (sort of imitates the joystick's 8-way HAT switch). In contrast, the FPS way of using the keys (where W/S is forwards/backwards) isn't visual with regard to sliding, so it's probably not as ideal for a first-time Descent config. Word to the novice: first practice full sliding the easiest way possible (WASD/keypad/HAT), then you may move on to anything less visual (Darktalyn/Birdseye). Not that you should really need to, of course ;)
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