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D2X-XL Screenshots Game thread

Postby Alter-Fox » Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:15 pm

Because this board has no activity, here's a game for us old-fashioned non-rebirth people, to generate some activity.

Game Instructions:
1. Start D2X-XL
2. Find a good level -- D2X-XL level or not, doesn't matter -- it doesn't even matter if it's a level you made and haven't released yet
3. Take some screenshot -- it should show at least something only D2X-XL can do -- hires textures and hires models don't count
4. Post it here with the best caption you can think of
5. In the same post, vote for the best screenshot+caption posted previously -- you can't choose your own screenshots, and the voting shouldn't start until at least 3 screens have been posted
6. You're only allowed one screen per post and double-posting is not allowed -- wait for someone else to post another screenshot before you post your next one
7. Have fun!

One little tip; if D2X-XL messes up any screenshot you try to take with it, you can still take screens with an external program. Steam, in particular, works very well.

Here's an example to start the game
Energy drool!
[Insert Vote Here]
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