Descent III Cinematic Audio (in FLAC) finally released!

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Descent III Cinematic Audio (in FLAC) finally released!

Postby ArtOfShred » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:33 am

Hail brothers, I bring tidings of glory! \o/
I recently contacted Tim Jones, the composer behind the cinematic audio from Descent III, in a quest for the source audio and the amazing intro we all know and love. Luck was with us, and he had the original wav source files, and was kind enough to release them in FLAC for the community!

I'm uploading this to my puush account for now. Not sure if there is a bandwidth limit but I'll mirror it soon.
Download Here:

These are the tracks present in the archive, and my notes on them:
01 D3 Captured = Ending Cinematic - Start
02 D3 Battle Ensues = Ending Cinematic - Guidebot (When the guidebot flies up and spams flares)
03 D3 Requiem = Start and End of Intro Cinematic - Tim said he must have cut this file down. He's going to check and see if he has the CD backup still. Chances of getting the full track are low but we've got the high points of this amazing intro track.
04 D3 Exodus = Level 5 Cinematic (They Think We're Terrorists)
05 D3 Red Acropolis = Level 1 Briefing Cinematic (This track starts roughly around where you see the distress signal)
06 D3 The Virus = End of Ending Cinematic
* Note that we are missing the middle section of Requiem (the intro song), Tim is going to take a look for his CD backup of the tracks if he gets the chance.

Please extend your thanks to composer Tim Jones for taking the time to find and release these files for us. You guys can check out more of his work and future projects at
If you like the tracks, please drop your appreciation here and I'll send him a link to the thread!

~ Iron_Ian
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Re: Descent III Cinematic Audio (in FLAC) finally released!

Postby Pumo » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:02 am

OMG, this is really great! :bounce:

Thanks a lot for your effort on contacting Tim Jones to get these magnificent soundtrack pieces!!
I always liked a lot the music from the Intro cinematic. :)

Really, I would never though it would be possible to get the D3 cinematic soundtrack nowadays.
Big thanks goes for both you and Tim Jones for releasing this great work to the Descent community! :clap: :guru:
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Re: Descent III Cinematic Audio (in FLAC) finally released!

Postby Hawkins » Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:33 am

A very kind gesture and a great service to the community you did there Tom. ArtOFShred, excellent initiative. You pulled an ace from your hand. :)
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