Looking for Old Descent Pilots to join us in Star Citizen

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Looking for Old Descent Pilots to join us in Star Citizen

Postby IamTheGre » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:46 am

My original Descent handle is IamtheGre and I was the founder of the Wildcards Empire back in 1994. I loved that game and it was a huge part of my childhood...now everyone is older with families/jobs/responsibilities but when I learned about "Star Citizen" coming out in 2014 and saw the work Chris Roberts was putting into it...I knew I had to renew my passion for multiplayer space combat and get the old group back together.

If any of you old Descent veterans still have a pulse racing thru your veins and want to relive your glory days hit me up and email me at my old email address from my Descent 2 days.


I'm getting ahold of our website providers right now and will be hopefully refreshing our http://www.Wildcards.org website in the later half of 2013.

To all of those involved in D2Xxl. I am extremely proud of all the work and effort you have put in to make the old Descent 2 still playable, enjoyable, and relevant here in 2013. I've repurchased all of the Descent series from gog.com and I'll be trying out some of these mods to pass the time until "Star Citizen" is released.

Star Citizen
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Re: Looking for Old Descent Pilots to join us in Star Citize

Postby Sirius » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:50 am

Ah, yes, I know the name - I was in the Wildcards around 10 years ago. Still playing Descent though. Against all odds.

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