Brain Training and DESCENT

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Brain Training and DESCENT

Postby AgedAngel » Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:30 am

My first post here in the D2X-XL forums.

I'm old (in my 60's) and the memory is definitely showing signs of losing its edge. But after maybe fifteen years of being away from DESCENT, I broke out my trusty Thrustmaster FCS, WCS, and RCS, got them working with my XP machine, and have been having a ball in the mines. (And the 'bots in D2X-XL seem to be a looot nastier than they were in the original game. Whew! They've smoked me on Hotshot more than once!)

So there's been a lot of media buzz about "brain training games" that are supposed to help oldsters like me hang onto their diminishing brain cells, and after reading the following article in The Atlantic... ... es/502559/

...I couldn't help but wonder whether going toe-to-toe with the mechs might be doing the same thing as the "brain training" supporters are claiming for their much more sedate pastimes. (I mean...what's picking out the flapping duck compared with the level 27 boss in D1?)

Anyway...just thinking.

By way of introduction, I used to be on CompuServe as a sysop in the Action Games and the Flight Sim forums. Those who might have visited there would know me by my handles: "Silkwing" in FS Forum, "Suede" in Action Games.

Good hunting to all of you.

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Re: Brain Training and DESCENT

Postby karx11erx » Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:58 pm

Hi AgedAngel,


You're always as old as you feel. ;-)
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Re: Brain Training and DESCENT

Postby Alter-Fox » Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:32 am

Huh, Silkwing rings a bell... but I didn't become particularly active gaming or online until 07 so it's more likely I've just heard of you. :P
Descent certainly taught the me of 21 years ago how to read maps and think in 3D so I would not be surprised. That... may be part of what turned my mind into the mind of a forest cat even though I'm deathly terrified of heights. I'm sure I look up more than most humans anyway.

As for the bots, I think there is a way in D2X-XL to make them more nasty than they were in the original game.
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