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Fullscreen not working (Mac OS X)

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:18 pm
by TheSteve
I haven't been able to get D2X-XL to launch in fullscreen.

My d2x.ini file, located in the Config folder (/Applications/Games/D2X-XL/Config/){

Code: Select all

;launch d2x-xl in fullscreen mode
;keep mouse focus in game window
;skip CD ROM check
;display multiplayer game messages from other players
;2: all movies (intro, cut scenes, ...), 1: only robot movies, 0: no movies at all
-nomovies 1
;0: show, 1: skip briefings
;-noscreens 1
;use bitmap reticle or drawn reticle (numerical value = line width)
-gl_reticle 0
;add your default player name here to make D2X-XL load it at program start
-player default
;use the following screen resolution at program start (will be overridden by player profile)
;set the following value to a time in ms to enable menu fading (100 - 150 are good values)
-fademenus 0
;set the following value to 1 to enable sound rendering via SDL_mixer (enables midi playback on non-Windows OS-s)
-sdl_mixer 1
;specify the name of a custom menu background to use here
-altbg_name d2x-xl-wp-3-1500x1125.tga
;specify the brightness of the custom menu background here (0.0 < brightness <= 1.0)
-altbg_brightness 0.75
;specify the transparency of the custom menu background here (0.0 < alpha <= 1.0; -1.0 to keep what's set in the image)
-altbg_alpha -1.0
;tell whether to convert the custom menu background to a grayscale image
-altbg_grayscale 0
;enable full screen anti-aliasing
;enable usage of hires textures if present
-hires_textures 1
;enable usage of hires models if present
-hires_models 1
;set model texture size
-model_quality 3
;use 22 khz (1) or 44 khz (2), 16 bit hires sounds
-hires_sound 2
;enable display of progress bars during longer lasting loading or computing operations
-progress_bars 1
;enable multithreading to speed up rendering
-multithreaded 2
;enable the German localization
;-altlanguage 1
;-text descent.tex.ger
;specify user songs for intro, briefings, credits and levels
;-introsong d:\programs\d2\music\surviving.ogg
;-playlist d:\programs\d2\music\d2x-xl-playlist.txt
;make d2x-xl print diagnostic messages to d2x.log
;freeze robots
;allow to save and restore in secret Descent 2 levels
-secretsave 1
;preloaded level textures: 0 - don't preload, 1 - geometry, 2 - objects, 3 - explosions & effects, 4 - hostages, 5 - powerups, 6 - weapons
-preload_textures 5
;unload textures that have been passed to the graphics drivers - will massively slow down in-game screen resolution or full screen mode changes
-lowmem 0
;-use_shaders 0

I am running Mac OS X 10.6.5, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB of memory, and I do in fact have a 1920x1200 screen.

Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:27 am
by Frustikus
;use the following screen resolution at program start (will be overridden by player profile)

You are using the defaults player profile. Maybe it is broken. Extract the subfolder profiles from the main installation zipfile once again to your game directory. Create a new pilot ingame. Set your favorite resolution in the game once again. Edit your d2x.ini afterwards, that it will load the new player profile.
If this won´t help, update your graphics card driver.