D2X-XL temporarily freezes gameplay.

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D2X-XL temporarily freezes gameplay.

Postby ASTRAL » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:25 pm

Hey guys.

I'm having a problem with music during gameplay. D2X-XL temporarily freezes gameplay when the soundtrack ends / restarts. I'm not using a custom play-list, just the ones included. I have trial & error a bunch of switches including -use_swapfile, but i can't figure out what's causing the problem.

I am using bassmidi synth with Roland sc-55.sf2 in place of Mircosoft GS Wavable Synth (which sounds amazing). Would this be the problem? :?

Config log:
D2X-XL 1.15.286
Loading program arguments
-fullscreen 0
-nomovies 1
-player default
-fademenus 0
-sdl_mixer 1
-altbg_name menubg-1500x1125.tga
-altbg_brightness 0.75
-altbg_alpha -1.0
-altbg_grayscale 0
-hires_textures 1
-hires_models 1
-model_quality 2
-hires_sound 2
-progress_bars 1
-multithreaded 2
-secretsave 1
-preload_textures 5
-lowmem 0
-midifix 1
-light_ship phantomxl
-medium_ship pyrogl
-heavy_ship wolf
-num_trackers 2
-enable_shadows 0
-gl_alttexmerge 1

My system specs are in my sig. Any help to resolve my sound problem would be appreciated.
i7 740QM/8GB RAM/GeForce 460M 1.5GB/15.6" 16:9 HD (1920x1080) Display/120GB SDD/750GB 7200RPM/BluRay Optical/Windows® 7 Home Premium 64OS/

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