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Re: Demos?

Postby darkflamewolf » Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:26 am

Yeah, in that case, it would be going from 'less' to 'more'. But going back from XL would be harder to do and normally not advisable.
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Re: Demos?

Postby pokeman7452 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:23 am

Game replays and recordings can be done one of 2 ways:

Method 1 is the most popular, it involves storing only player input and random seeds. Everything is recalculated in real-time as it is played back. Games cannot be played backwards and rewinding requires resetting the game and simulating it up to the desired point. They can however be played forward in sub-frame slow motion if the engine allows, allowing for spectacular videos of fast paced events. Because everything is re-simulated with minimal pre-computed data, any change to the game physics or interactions breaks all replays between versions.

Method 2 involves saving the state of all objects every frame. This is the system used by Descent1/2 DOS. The resulting files are much larger than replays made using Method 1, but because there is no real-time computation (only rendering), they can survive massive changes to the gameplay without breaking. They can also be freely played forward and backward, but slow-motion is limited to the object update rate.

Halo 3+ uses a hybrid system based off it's network code. Method 1 is used for the local player(s) and independent objects (bullets, grenades, crates,) while Method 2 is used for other players' state updates (as that's what it receives.) It also uses playback checkpoints for easier rewinding.

For a fun experience, record a demo in descent, then replace the level used with a different level file. All the objects will be in the proper place respective to the original level, but because the rendered level is different, everything will ignore the new level. The player will follow the recorded flightpath regardless of the walls in the new level file.

Because descent uses method 2, it should work no matter what port of descent you are using. Not sure why rebirth broke compatibility.
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