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Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:30 am
by Retrochallengegamer
I have a custom weapons mod in the form of a Descent2.ham file. Its embedded in the Lost Levels HOG but does not activate when played through D2X-XL but will activate under normal Descent and Descent Rebirth. I've ticked off Enable Mods and Use Custom Weapons in the mission start menu but the weapons still won't activate with the embedded Ham inside the HOG file. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:12 am
by karx11erx
I will look into it. In the future, please post bug tickets about any issues you encounter with D2X-XL in the bug ticket tracker of the D2X-XL project on That will make it easier for me to follow bug related discussions than here on the forum.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:23 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
I wasn't aware this was a bug. So is this an undocumented issue with custom HAM files and D2X-XL? I just figured it was something I missed but I couldn't find anything on custom weapons in your installation FAQ, I found tons on custom textures, music, sound, etc.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:37 pm
by Pumo
I think this has to do with the method D2X-XL uses to read modded .ham files.

In the meantime, if Karx decides and tries to implement the method to read embeded .ham files from the .hog, you can extract the .ham file (with any .hog manager) to the .\mods\descent2 folder on your D2X-XL installation dir, and that would enable the Lost Levels weapon mod. :)

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:55 pm
by karx11erx
Fixed. Get v1.17.131.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:15 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
That worked wonderfully. Thanks! (both versions/solutions worked, put one in mods folder or put one in HOG)
No idea why the first enemy in level 1 fires out Vertigo Boss 7 as a weapon, but its hilarious. Is that intentional?

EDIT: On further playing it seems the Red Guard Vertigo boss is fired out as well from certain enemies. I'm not sure this is normal. Is it a problem with the HAM itself? In fact a lot of Vertigo enemies are being fired out. It seems to be only missile types from robots.

Also my d2x.ini looks like this however d2x-xl refuses to go into windowed mode nor play the custom music for the mission selected. (yes I followed your instructions on the installation FAQ including putting all songs in the same folder as the songlist text):
System Options:

;-nonicefps Don't free CPU-cycles
;-maxfps <n> Set maximum framerate to <n> (default: 1000, availble: 1-1000)
;-hogdir <s> set shared data directory to <s>
;-nohogdir don't try to use shared data directory
;-use_players_dir put player files and saved games in Players subdirectory
;-lowmem Lowers animation detail for better performance with low memory
;-pilot <s> Select pilot <s> automatically
;-autodemo Start in demo mode
;-noborders Do not show borders in window mode
-nomovies 1


;-nomouse Deactivate mouse
;-nojoystick Deactivate joystick
;-nostickykeys Make CapsLock and NumLock non-sticky


;-nosound Disables sound output
;-nomusic Disables music output
;-sound11k Use 11KHz sounds
;-nosdlmixer Disable Sound output via SDL_mixer
-sdl_mixer 1
-creditsong c:\Games\Descent and Descent 2\Descent 2\music\d2\credits.ogg
-playlist c:\Games\Descent and Descent 2\Descent 2\music\d2\TEWSongs.txt
-midifix 1


;-lowresfont Force to use LowRes fonts
;-lowresgraphics Force to use LowRes graphics
;-lowresmovies Play low resolution movies if available (for slow machines)
;-gl_fixedfont Do not scale fonts to current resolution
-use_shaders 1


;-udp_hostaddr <s> Use IP address/Hostname <s> for manual game joining (default: localhost)
;-udp_hostport <n> Use UDP port <n> for manual game joining (default: 42424)
;-udp_myport <n> Set my own UDP port to <n> (default: 42424)
;-tracker_hostaddr <n> Address of Tracker server to register/query games to/from (default:
;-tracker_hostport <n> Port of Tracker server to register/query games to/from (default: 42420)

Debug (use only if you know what you're doing):

;-debug Enable debugging output.
;-verbose Enable verbose output.
;-safelog Write gamelog.txt unbuffered. Use to keep helpful output to trace program crashes.
;-norun Bail out after initialization
;-renderstats Enable renderstats info by default
;-text <s> Specify alternate .tex file
;-tmap <s> Select texmapper <s> to use (default: c, available: c, fp, quad, i386)
;-showmeminfo Show memory statistics
;-nodoublebuffer Disable Doublebuffering
;-bigpig Use uncompressed RLE bitmaps
;-16bpp Use 16Bpp instead of 32Bpp
;-gl_oldtexmerge Use old texmerge, uses more ram, but might be faster
;-gl_intensity4_ok <n> Override DbgGlIntensity4Ok (default: 1)
;-gl_luminance4_alpha4_ok <n> Override DbgGlLuminance4Alpha4Ok (default: 1)
;-gl_rgba2_ok <n> Override DbgGlRGBA2Ok (default: 1)
;-gl_readpixels_ok <n> Override DbgGlReadPixelsOk (default: 1)
;-gl_gettexlevelparam_ok <n> Override DbgGlGetTexLevelParamOk (default: 1)

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:01 pm
by karx11erx
Most of those switches you have listed are not D2X-XL switches. There is a page on the D2X-XL web site describing all switches D2X-XL has ([url=[/url]).

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:05 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
Odd, this was the only d2x.ini I found in the folder and that is what I found inside of it. The -window, -playlist, -nomovie, -sdl_mixer and others I found here:
and here: (under custom music)

So if those aren't valid d2x-xl switches, what are?

Also I think I have a bug to report regarding CTD with hi-res textures and missile smoke trails. (I know the existing d2x.ini I pasted above 'does' work or the hi_res texture switch wouldn't be recognized and I wouldn't see my hi-res textures in-game) Where do I go to report? is quite big in projects.

EDIT: Found your project on, registered, verified my account and tried to create a ticket. The option is greyed out and cannot be selected at this time. I have no idea why. Is there some sort of wait period before I can submit a ticket? sum it up:
Smoke trails on for missiles / Smoke density, size, translucency doesn't seem to matter, just that smoke is on / hi res textures = CTD. Turn off hi res textures = runs perfectly fine. That is the bug in a nutshell. Using your latest version posted above and already have the new weapons mod implemented and working.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:24 pm
by karx11erx
D2X-XL installation comes with a file config/d2x-default.ini. You are meant to copy that file over to config/d2x.ini. d2x.ini is your personal settings file. Any changes you make there will not be affected by future D2X-XL installations, but any changes you make to d2x-default.ini will, since it gets overwritten each time you install a new D2X-XL version. d2x-default.ini is there to provide a healthy set of program settings for new users and a as template for them to create their personalized d2x.ini file. You probably have d2x-default.ini, but have never created your personal d2x.ini file from it.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:37 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
Okay new ini file looks like this: (scroll down to see remaining problems)
;this file is intended as a template for a user specific D2X-XL configuration.
;to create a user specific D2X-XL configuration, copy this file to d2x.ini and modify d2x.ini
;failing to do so will cause all user specific changes made to this file being lost during subsequent D2X-XL installations
;lines beginning with a semicolon are ignored by D2X-XL (i.e. are treated as comments)
;giving a setting a value of 0 means to turn the related feature off in most cases
;giving a setting a value of 1 means to turn the related feature on in most cases
;find a complete list of switches and their descriptions on

;launch d2x-xl in fullscreen mode
-fullscreen 0
;keep mouse focus in game window
;skip CD ROM check
;specify CD-ROM drive containing the Descent CD (for redbook audio playback)
;-cdrom F:
;display multiplayer game messages from other players
-playermessages 1
;2: show all movies (intro, cut scenes, ...), 1: show only robot movies, 0: show no movies at all
-nomovies 0
;0: show briefings, 1: skip briefings
;-noscreens 1
;add your default player name here to make D2X-XL load it at program start
-player default
;use the following screen resolution at program start (will be overridden by player profile)
;make statement a comment to have d2x-xl use the highest possible resolution
;set the following value to a time in ms to enable menu fading (100 - 150 are good values)
-fademenus 0
;set the following value to 1 to enable sound rendering via SDL_mixer (enables midi playback on non-Windows OS-s)
-sdl_mixer 1
;specify the name of a custom menu background to use here (install custom backgrounds in textures/wallpapers - tga required)
-altbg_name d2x-xl-wp-3-1500x1125.tga
;specify the brightness of the custom menu background here (0.0 < brightness <= 1.0)
-altbg_brightness 0.75
;specify the transparency of the custom menu background here (0.0 < alpha <= 1.0;-1.0 to keep what's set in the image)
-altbg_alpha -1.0
;tell whether to convert the custom menu background to a grayscale image
-altbg_grayscale 0
;enable full screen anti-aliasing (needs a powerful graphics card)
;enable usage of hires textures if present
-hires_textures 1
;enable usage of hires models if present
-hires_models 0
;set model texture size
-model_quality 3
;use 22 khz (1) or 44 khz (2), 16 bit hires sounds (installation and use of these sounds is mandatory for flawless audio operation of D2X-XL)
-hires_sound 1
;enable display of progress bars during longer lasting loading or computing operations
-progress_bars 1
;enable multi-threading to speed up rendering (0: no multi-threading, 1: use all available cores, 2-8: use 2 - 8 cores)
-multithreaded 2
;enable the German localization
;-altlanguage 1
;-text descent.tex.ger
;specify user songs for intro, briefings, credits and levels
-creditsong c:\Games\Descent and Descent 2\Descent 2\music\d2\credits.ogg
-playlist c:\Games\Descent and Descent 2\Descent 2\music\d2\TEWSongs.txt
;make d2x-xl print diagnostic messages to d2x.log
;freeze robots (1: disable robots, 0: robots will move and react)
-disable_robots 0
;disable and hide powerups (1: powerups will disappear, 0: powerups are available)
-disable_powerups 0
;allow to save and restore in secret Descent 2 levels
-secretsave 1
;preloaded level textures: 0 - don't preload, 1 - geometry, 2 - objects, 3 - explosions & effects, 4 - hostages, 5 - powerups, 6 - weapons
-preload_textures 6
;unload textures that have been passed to the graphics drivers (may cure performance problems during regular play
;at the cost of massively slowing down in-game screen resolution or full screen mode changes
-lowmem 0
;turn pixel shader usage on or off
-use_shaders 1
;tell the program to compensate for problems with midi sound on Windows 7
-midifix 1
;specify the hires (*.ase) model file names of the ship models to be used by the game
-light_ship phantomxl
-medium_ship pyrogl
-heavy_ship wolf
;specify number and addresses of available game server trackers
-num_trackers 2

1) - The CTD no longer occurs anymore once copying over this d2x.ini from the default, however all smoke looks...solid and not translucent regardless of ANY setting I put it on (even extreme).
2) - The custom music still does not play and I've followed the FAQ to the letter (and if you look above, I do have those switches enabled from the Custom Music page on your site).
3) - Since copying over the new d2x.ini switches from the default in the config folder, most cool effects like the warping effect are gone now. Despite the fact they were working fine before and the menu options clearly show they are at FULL.
4) - Enemies still shooting Vertigo robots as missiles with the modified Descent2.ham found from the updated Lost Levels mission. Ham issue or actual bug to report?
5) - Still doesn't want to open in window.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:50 pm
by karx11erx
Smoke appearance and warp in effect do not depend on d2x.ini.

Set "expert mode" to "full" in the misc options menu, then check your effect and smoke detail settings.

Please post TEWsongs.txt here (post the contents).

Robots instead of weapons probably mean a bug. Looks like the program is using the wrong models.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:52 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
Okay, shall I open a ticket for it then? (the robots shooting robots)


And yes they are all in the same folder as this txt file.

EDIT: The expert settings were/are at FULL. Same smoke settings as before. So weird.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:17 pm
by karx11erx
The TEW distro archive on my website contains a mod folder for TEW with the level songs inside. Actually that would be the way to go to use the TEW songs as level songs.

Please make a bug ticket and post your player files and d2x.ini there.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:26 pm
by Retrochallengegamer
I downloaded the mission off of DMDB, so I didn't know you had that all set up for the music. I'll check that out now.
As for the bug, I'm posting it up momentarily.
Figured out that windowed mode can be achieved with Alt+Enter.

Re: Custom weapons mod?

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:35 pm
by karx11erx
If you are using the version from DMDB, and it doesn't have a "mods" subfolder, please download the version from my web site. Go to "mods\ewithin" and move playlist.txt from there to the "music" subfolder.