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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 2:09 pm
by Gatling
I guess that something went wrong when I installed the game, cause there are only a few music files with the game now.. What file contains the original music of the game and when I have custom files should I make a folder with the name "music" and put them in there? ALready read through the stickies and stuff, didn't find something about it though.. Did a search on the internet :google: and found a page called planetdescent which contains a few midi music files, though I'm sure that there must be more of them..


Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:24 pm
by Aus-RED-5 Page wrote:User Music Support

D2X-XL now can play user supplied music in the menus and levels of the game. MP3 and OGG/Vorbis music formats are supported.

* To supply a menu song, specify the full path to it in d2x.ini with the '-introsong' switch. I had to iron out a few bugs in the SMPeg MP3 decoder, but it looks like it is working smoothly now.
* To supply level songs, specify a playlist in d2x.ini with the '-playlist' switch.
* Make sure to set '-sdl_mixer 1' in and remove '-nocdrom' from d2x.ini

A playlist is a plain text file specifying a music file per line. Lines not ending with '.mp3' or '.ogg' are simply ignored. The filenames can be given with or without a folder. If the folder is omitted, D2X-XL assumes that the file resides in the same folder as the playlist. When playing a mission, D2X-XL will play one song from the playlist for each level, repeating the song if necessary, and will cycle through the songs from the playlist, starting over with the first if it has reached the end of the list.

A few hints regarding MP3 playback:

* D2X-XL only supports MP3 music sampled with 32000 Hz.
* If using MP3 music, D2X-XL has to resample all in-game sounds to 32000 Hz. Currently this leads to some quality degradation in the form of a small crack sound at the start and end of each sound. I don't yet have a solution for this.