Saving D1 sounds as processed by SDL_Mixer?

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Saving D1 sounds as processed by SDL_Mixer?

Postby Xfing » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:34 pm

I'm making a custom .S22 file where some of the sounds from D1 will be reintroduced. However, while some files transfer to 22kHz quite well (in DTX2 playback), others show minimal difference or get distorted. For example, the secret door sound from D1 sounds acceptable, but still a bit muffled compared to native D2 sounds.

On the other hand, with SDL_Mixer applied, there are no differences in quality when playing either D1 or D2. Is it possile to export and save D1 sound files AFTER SDL processing? That would yield perfect quality sounds without the need to resample them manually, in which case it is impossible to obtain comparable quality.

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