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Are there any new HAM editors?

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:15 pm
by Xfing

I have been using Haxmed32, a hacked version that allows you to permanently alter the elements of the main HAM file of the game. However, while it can edit existing elements, it doesn't allow for adding, removing or overwriting them. Also, it doesn't allow to do more subtle kind of work, such as make connections from its elements to elements in say, the .S22 sound file.

Maybe I'll just tell what I need to do in the first place:

I have succeeded in inserting additional sound files into Descent2.S22 - ones extracted from D1 and upscaled to 22khz using sndrec32 (They actually sound very good). They can be examined in DTX2 and all appear in the "Others" tab. However, these files aren't recognized by Descent2.HAM, so you cannot assign them to robots or doors using Haxmed32. There are 255 "elements" in the Sounds_2 tab (one presumably dealing with the 22kHz variant, the Sound_1 tab is all over the place anyway and I don't really know what it does, what's written there doesn't reflect in the game at all). Some of the sound objects carry no sound with them - actually over a good 60 of them. But the version of Haxmed32 that I have doesn't allow for editing the objects themselves, like inserting, deleting or replacing. Whenever one of these is attempted, the program gives a message saying "Deleting from DESCENT2.HAM is not supported!" It is, however, possible to extract these sound objects, and they come in .SOU format. But that's no good since rewriting such files is impossible in the HAM using Haxmed32, and there is no option to create such a category in a V-HAM addon file.

Even if the above were possible, though, there's still the question of seeing the new sounds within Descent.S22. A mere replacement of existing sounds is hilariously easy, but is it possible to make the HAM file acknowledge the new, imported sounds? There's some 15 of them, it's generally robots and doors, but also some sounds used in D1 and altered in D2 added in for the sake of completeness. If I could by some chance make the HAM file see the new sound files, the rest of the work could very easily be completed in Haxmed32. But that's the biggest challenge here.

If tl;dr

My question is basically: Is there any piece of software or any other means that would allow me to alter Descent2.HAM in such a way that it would recognize new .RAW sound files inserted into Descent2.S22 to enable me to assign them to robots, doors etc?

Re: Are there any new HAM editors?

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:45 pm
by Pumo
Some time ago, InsanityBringer was making a new editor that would allow to edit all kind of Descent files, including PIG, HOG, HAM and S11/S22 files, but AFAIK he never finished it. :(

Here's more info, if you may want to contact him: ... l#msg14334

Re: Are there any new HAM editors?

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:23 am
by Sirius
I know of another project that was aiming to do similar stuff, also not completed. It's a recurring theme. I've been putting any work on the area on hold because there has been some external interest and if someone gets around to open-sourcing their work it means I don't have to start from scratch if I want to extend it (mostly for POF tools since I have more experience than most people working with that format).

But no, basically this is something you currently can't do without going to a lot of extra effort (either writing your own tools or heavy-duty hex editing).

Re: Are there any new HAM editors?

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:06 am
by Xfing
Daaaamn... that sucks! Oh well then. :wink: