(- MAPPING MAYHEM -): themapping competiton.

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(- MAPPING MAYHEM -): themapping competiton.

Postby blarget# » Sun May 20, 2012 10:50 pm

Welcome the the 1st week long Mapping competition.

This competition will focus on the ability for a mapper to make a map in a weeks time. The Rules are quite simple. You can use any editor you want and make it for any game-type you want, but it needs to be descent1/2 format. Meaning do not go over 900 cubes.

IMPORTANT: For this competition to work, i need people to post here if they will be attending or not. If i get at least 5 people, I will set a date for when the maps must be made and submitted.
There is 2 posts of this. One on Rebirth, and one here. So if 3 sign up here and 2 there or vice versa, ill still start it.

- you must upload to DMDB and post the link of the map here when you are done.
- you are allowed to use custom content.
- the map must be playable.
- you may only make 1 map.
- I will not be making a map for this competition seeing i am the host.
EDIT: this is for multiplayer maps only.

When submitting is over, i will set up a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite map.

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